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 ** Excludes Cloud Services. Limited stock available.
Sale Ends Midnight Friday 28 September 2018


Stock Clearance Specials

Jager Pro Booster Antenna (5dB)

This JAGER PRO antenna is designed for areas where mobile coverage is weak and enables users to expand the usable range of either the JAGE PRO M.I.N.E.™ or I.C.E.™ Camera models. 5 decibel gain ideal for remote areas 2.5 feet long mast allows for far vertical reach especially in areas such as valleys and thick foliage 10.5 feet coaxial cable is designed for high signal quality transmission while providing flexibility to mount at high elevations
RRP $154.00 On Sale For $130.90 

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Digital Spin Feeder Kit

This digital spin kit from American Hunter unit runs on 6 or 12 volt power and provides an adjustable feed rate from 1 to 30 seconds. The digital timer allows you to program 1 to 8 different feeding settings per day and set for various days of the week.
Feeder Features Heavy - duty metal control housing High torque industrial motor Heavy - duty “No Blow” slinger resist wind and grain trickle Metal downspout Fits most feed containers Easy to install Runs on 6 volt or 12 volt...
RRP $154.00 On Sale For $107.80 

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Jager Pro Pig Essentials Kit

The JAGER PRO Pig Essentials Kit is intended for use when targeting feral pigs where the trap is placed in areas of mobile coverage and where the trapper intends to trigger the trap from a location with mobile coverage.  This can be anywhere in the world.  The kit comprises of a M.I.N.E.™ Gate w Control Box (Model No: JP-P (I004-A) specifically designed for pigs with 2440mm wide (OD), 1800mm high (OD) dimensions and with an opening aperture of 2380mm by 1100mm respectively...
RPP $2,783.00 On Sale For $2,365.00 

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Jager Pro Deer Essentials Kit

The JAGER PRO Deer Essentials Kit is intended for use when targeting feral deer where the trap is placed in areas of mobile coverage and where the trapper intends to trigger the trap from a location with mobile coverage. This can be anywhere in the world.  The kit comprises of a M.I.N.E.™ Gate w Control Box (Model No: JP-D (I004-B) specifically designed for deer with 1800mm wide (OD), 2100mm high (OD) dimensions and with an opening aperture of 1740mm by 1380mm respectively...
RRP $2,893.00 On Sale For $2,458.00 

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Star Picket Camera Mount

The Star Picket Camera Mount allows simple, secure camera mounting and positioning for the best field of view.  The powder coated metal bracket slips over standard sized star pickets and is secured in place with a 6mm hex key grub screw.  The camera arm, ball head, set screw and thumb screw are made of solid metal construction. The ball joint allows 360 degrees of rotation and 90 degrees of tilt.  Fits both M.I.N.E.™ Cam, I.C.E.™ Cam and any trail camera that has a camera mounting...
RRP $27.50 On Sale For 24.75 

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Pro Tip #2 - Fixing Grey or Streaked Photos

PICT0000Since out last newsletter we have had a couple of customers exeperience issues with recieving grey or streaked images as well as what appeared to be a malfunctioning PIR motion sensor on thier I.C.E.™ Cam.  

In both cases the cause of the issue was a corrupt SD Card or SD Card that had been used without being formatted first, and the cameras were unable properly write photos taken to the SD Card and then transmit them across the network.

What generally starts out as a portion of the photo grayed out until eventually the entire screen looks like an old TV screen with no signal, is a sign that the SD Card is corrupt or needs formatting.  

If this issue is left long enough it is then the camera is liklery to not be able to save any photo at all and hence not transmit - making it appear as if the PIR sensor is not working.

To fix these issues, the next time you are at your camera, turn it off, then back onto setup. Press menu and right arrow 2 times to access the system tab, and then the down arrow 4 times and highlight format, press OK then left arrow to highlight yes and press OK again.

This action will format your SD Card and in doing so delete all the photos and clear it out.  If you find this does not work then you will need to SD Card in your camera.

To prevent these issues is to format the SD card during initial setup.  If you happen to notice any one of these while your camera is taking photos, get out there as quickly as possible to format or replace the SD card in your camera. 


JAGER PRO Wireless Portal & App

Subscribe to JAGER PRO's Wireless Portal and take advantage of their user friendly web portal, mobile apps (ANDROID and iOS), and PC applications.

The Wireless Portal allows subscribers to expand camera management and functionality with the portal most beneficial for owners of multiple cameras who are looking for a better way to receive, store and manage photos as well as manage deployed cameras in the field from a single cloud based user interface.

Key features of the Wireless Portal include:

  • Multiple delivery options to meet your wireless needs.  Images can be delivered to mobile app, email or web portal.
  • Configure email recipients for both image and status report delivery. Up to 20 email recipients.
  • Monitor your usage history by camera and date.
  • Maintain all camera settings from the web.  Keep settings synchronized with each camera.  Cameras can deliver settings to the server or receive them from the server.
  • View uploaded images by activity date and filter by camera and activity date.  Purge and download your images on the server.

To take advantage of the Wireless Portal, users must take out a subscription service with us at $11 per month, per camera or $121 per year, per camera.  For more information about the JAGER PRO's Wireless Portal and to obtain login details for a demo account please contact Nigel Kimball on 07 4698 2335.


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