Wireless Portals

Wireless Portals

Increasingly manufacturers of wireless game cameras are pairing these devices with web based portals, mobile apps and PC applications.

This allows users to expand camera management and functionality with such portals most beneficial for owners of multiple cameras who are looking for a better way to receive, store and manage photos as well as manage deployed cameras in the field from a single user interface. Each of the major camera brands we stock all have wireless portals now available to customers on a paid subscription basis.

Provided here for your information is a brief outline of each wireless portal available. Further detailed information on subscription prices, functions and features is available for review on each of the manufacturers portal website. Please note we do not offer any support to portal users. All servers are US based.

Spartan GoWireless Portal

Key features of the GoWireless Portal include:

  • Multiple delivery options to meet your wireless needs. Images can be delivered to mobile app, email or web portal.
  • Configure email recipients for both image and status report delivery. Up to 20 email recipients.
  • Monitor your Premium Service usage history by camera and date. Credits will not expire.
  • Maintain all camera settings from the web. Keep settings synchronized with each camera. Cameras can deliver settings to the server or receive them from the server.
  • View uploaded images by activity date and filter by camera and activity date. Purge and download your images on the server.
  • The GoWireless Mobile apps for ANDROID and iOS put you in control at the touch of a finger.

To view a demo account that is set up by the manufacturer sign in using the following details:

  • Email: demo
  • Password: demo99

GoWireless Portal Demo Login

Accounts can be set up by Australian and New Zealand users Premium Credits purchased online. Upon first registering a camera with your account you will receive 1 free monthly Premium Credit.

JAGER PRO Wireless Portal

The JAGER PRO Wireless Portal is built from the same platform as the the Spartan GoWirelss portal and provides users with the same features, including JAGER PRO versions of the mobile apps. Accounts can be set up by Australian and New Zealand users, please click here to pruchase a subscription.

JAGER PRO Wireless Portal

Buckeye LiveCam Portal

Buckeye Cam's LiveCam service works with every BuckEye Cam wireless PC Base, Cellular or Netbase system and allows subscribers to have images and videos transmitted to a webpage gallery that can be customised and integrated into an existing website. There are some limits on the number of cameras and images that can be displayed for each of the tiered annual subscription options.

For more information on these subscription services please visit the BuckeyeCam website. To view a demo of LiveCam click here.

To utilise the Buckeye cameras for remote trapping you will need a different subscription product (which includes a LiveCam subscription) called the Virtual CellBase Control subscription which involves Buckeye hosting your system setup on their server and you controlling the system on a remote computer. This allows you to receive photos and images and trigger the trap on the go provided you are in an area with mobile reception.